My son started showing signs of dyslexia in kindergarten. Considering my family has a history of dyslexia, I caught them right away and decided with the help of his teachers, to get him tested. Although my son is too young for a proper diagnosis, the tests showed that he had most of the "red flags." After developing an individualized treatment plan, we began working with the therapists at Thriving Minds right away.


He has been receiving services 2 times a week for 1 hour since 2014. The changes I have seen in his reading, writing, oral communication, and self confidence has been leaps and bounds. He is slightly above reading level at school compared his classmates and has the confidence to raise his hand and participate in class. He went from being "the shy boy in Pre -K" to a LEADER excited and ready to start 2nd grade. 


We love Thriving Minds for so many reasons:

- The greetings and smiles from all the therapists when we walk in the door

- The positive energy my son talks about during his 1 hour sessions

- They keep the sessions engaging with activities and games that compliment the academics 

- Knowledge and professionalism of the staff

- Consistent communication with his therapists on progress and mastery


Thank you Thriving Minds for helping my son reach his learning potential!!! 


-Stacy A.

A year ago my daughter was informally diagnosed with dyslexia and had already fallen behind in reading in her first grade classroom.  We quickly realized she needed outside help and so began working with Andie from thriving minds 2 days/week as she entered into second grade.  At the beginning of the year her reading tested at fall of First grade, at the end of second grade she tested at level for the first time!  We have continued with tutoring through the summer and are seeing our daughter read more fluently and with greater confidence.  The confidence she is building through tutoring is especially important because she is now willing to read not only to us but also her brother and sometimes independently (something I never expected).  I am also grateful for Andie's genuine care towards my daughter.  She is always well prepared with new plans, excited to work with my daughter and willing to be flexible as needed.  And of course it helps that my daughter looks forward to working with her each day.


-Kristen W.

Thriving minds has been such a great experience. There patience, knowledge and encouragement has helped my son tremendously. He enjoys going and working with Ms. Andie who has been able to connect with him quickly and made strides towards our goals of him becoming a stronger reader.


-Sarah T.

My son was diagnosed with an SLD (Specific Learning Disability) a year and a half ago and started tutoring with Danielle for reading and comprehension. Danielle is wonderful with kids and my son really enjoys working with her and the staff at Thriving Minds. My son's reading and comprehension skills have improved since he started tutoring and he has received many tools that he can apply during his lessons at school. But most of all he feels more confident and tells me that his tutoring is helping him to read and understand better.​

-Rachel Z.

Our story isn't that different from many others in the beginning. My daughter was struggling to read. When I tried to teach her, if she encountered words she didn't know, she would look at the first letter and say every word she knew that began with that letter. Later she would cry and refuse whenever we tried to read. I knew something was wrong when she knew her spelling words 100% verbally in the car and went into class and 15 minutes later she got 30% on the written test.


Her amazing kindergarten teacher told me she thought my daughter may have learning differences. I didn't know what to do, or where to go. I called around and found Amy her amazing tutors at Thriving Minds.


It was so much different than anywhere I had heard of. They began with a foundation that focused on sounds and how they were made. I was grateful Amy, Andie, and Danielle were so invested. They played games with Megan and kept the learning engaging and fun. They worked at my daughter’s pace and never made her feel discouraged or like she should have gotten something and didn't.


They welcomed me into sessions giving me the tools to bridge the gap between what she learned in class and in tutoring. Amy spoke with teachers on our behalf so she could be focusing on what would benefit Megan the most. She worked up a list of things that that teachers could do to help my daughter in the classroom.


I watched my daughter flourish at Thriving Minds. I was brought to tears when my daughter picked up a book to read to her grandad when he was in the hospital. Another time I quietly closed the door without a reprimand when I found her reading under her covers with a flashlight, and did a happy dance in the hall. We celebrated with Amy by bringing cupcakes when my daughter got her first 100% on a spelling test.


I don't know where we would be without Amy and Thriving Minds but I do know we wouldn't be at the private school she attends. My daughter wouldn't have had the professional advocate she needed. She wouldn't be reading grade level books. She wouldn't be getting A's in school and she wouldn't have found that love of learning all kids need to thrive.

 - Mary F.