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Thriving Minds Learning Center is a dedicated provider of education and learning to children with special needs and learning difficulties in reading, spelling, and math. With our individual sessions, small group lessons, and one-on-one online instruction from our experienced and kind instructors, we can help your child improve their academic skills and empower their independence.


We take a multi-sensory approach with a specialization in helping students identified with dyslexia, ADHD, autism, language-based and processing disorders.


Your child's academic success will lead to greater confidence. We look forward to helping your child thrive

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Parent Testimonial:

"My son's reading and comprehension skills have improved since he started tutoring and he has received many tools that he can apply during his lessons at school. But most of all he feels more confident and he tells me that his tutoring is helping him read and understand better."

We believe every child can be successful.


Let us inspire your child to love learning!